6,000th CRE Train Crosses Chinese Border via Erenhot Port Station

?Published:2021-03-05 ?【字體:??

  At 17:12 on January 27, CRE train No.1294 crossed the Chinese border via Erenhot Port Station, heading for Tuanjiecun Station in Chongqing, as the 6,000th CRE train crossing the Chinese border via this station.

  Since 2014 when Erenhot Port Station operated the first CRE train, China Railway Hohhot Group Co., Ltd. has been actively serving the Belt and Road Initiative and improving its capacity as an international railway port to ensure the smooth transport. Erenhot Port Station leverages the advantages of the port, strengthens the organization of international through traffic transport, fully exploits potential of capacity, enhances external collaboration, and makes every effort to ensure the smooth operation of CRE trains.

  At the beginning of the new year, the station effectively acted as a leader of station transport organization, made overall arrangement of manpower and machinery, adjusted the container stacking dynamically, and as a result significantly improved the efficiency of receiving/departure and loading/unloading of CRE trains.