International trains operated by CR Nanning Group


   Operation of international trains

  No.T8701/MR2 Nanning- Hanoi (Ga Gia Lam)


   Service charge

  No service fee is charged for the sale of tickets at station window, while a service fee of 50 Yuan is charged for the sale at ticket agencies in accordance with the relevant provisions of international intermodal transport.



  1. All stations only sell tickets for trains departing from the station (except for Guilin Station which also sells tickets for T8701/MR2 departing from Nanning to Ga Gia Lam, Vietnam).

  2. Passengers are required to present their valid passports when purchasing tickets and be responsible for the validity of their passports. 

  3. Other unaccomplished matters are subject to the station announcement, for details please contact 0771-12306.


  Click on the link below for time table of trains and fares.