Number of ILSTC Trains Operated Hits Record High in 2020

?Published:2021-01-26 ?【字體:??

  Fruits from ASEAN countries such as durian and mangosteen are delivered to Qinzhou Port of Guangxi by sea liners, and then transported to the central and western China by rail-sea intermodal trains; motorcycles, silicon steel and other goods from Shandong, Yunnan and other places are gathered in Beibu Gulf Port by rail, and then transported to India and other places by sea. These are the daily busy transportation scenes on the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor (ILSTC). In 2020, 4,596 ILSTC trains were operated, reaching a new record high with an increase of 104.9% year-on-year.

  In 2020, facing the impact of COVID-19 epidemic, Guangxi Coastal Railway Co., Ltd. and Beibu Gulf Port Group, under a unified operation mode, introduced policies to reduce container handling charges, exempt container loading/unloading charges for trucks at terminals, extend the free storage period, and broaden the station and cargo categories covered by the preferential policies. They have made 18 applications for reducing freight rates for the goods transported on ILSTC. Now the ILSTC trains services with fixed prices have covered the main provinces in the central and western China, giving full play to the transportation advantages of ILSTC and helping enterprises resume work and production. In 2020, the number of operated ILSTC trains exceeded the sum of the previous three years.