More Effective Corridors of Supplies Transport for Spring Festival

?Published:2021-02-10 ?【字體:??

  On January 28, the Spring Festival travel rush in 2021 started. China Railway Hohhot Group Co., Ltd. has made every effort to ensure the efficient transport of supplies along the corridors during the Spring Festival travel rush, and actively adopted many measures to increase the fulfillment of car loading plans during the travel rush, thus enriching the holiday markets all over the country, and helping people to enjoy a happy Spring Festival.

  China Railway Hohhot Group Co., Ltd. has strengthened coordination with local governments and relevant authorities, allocated sufficient labors and loading and unloading machines and tools, and made best use of the existing handling capacity. It has strengthened the coordination and organization of car unloading, shortened the station dwell time of trains, and organized car unloading foreseeingly, thus making trains "fast in and fast out".